New Yoga Studio in Evergreen

New Yoga Studio in Evergreen

Since I started my kids yoga business in 2012 I've had the goal to eventually have an actual studio in which to offer yoga for families. This year, wish is becoming reality. As soon as I heard that Breigh Smith was opening, Echo Yoga & Co-op, a new yoga studio for families I wanted to be involved. We have been talking about what a partnership would look like for months. Last week, we came up with an agreement which feels good to both of us. Breigh is going to be managing the childcare and co-op side of the studio and I'll be running the yoga studio. We will support each other and build our dream of a yoga studio for families together.

Once the schedule is complete, we will be offering meditation classes, prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, baby and me yoga, toddler and me yoga, kids yoga, teen yoga and adult yoga with childcare available. I've been inspired by studios in the Denver area like Belly Bliss and Mamahood and hope to create a similar studio for families in Evergreen.

Check out the schedule to see what is already being offered. We have more yoga teachers coming on board and I will be adding new classes to the schedule soon.

Echo Yoga & Co-op 
32214 Ellingwood Trail #106, Evergreen, CO 80439 (303) 588-2118

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