Kids Yoga in Evergreen, Colorado

Kids Yoga in Evergreen, Colorado

Come try out Ascend Health Kids Yoga in Evergreen!

A few years ago, I decided I was done living life the way I "should" and chose to live life the way that felt best. One thing I did was let go of my very time-consuming school teaching job and devoted my time to teaching yoga to kids. I've never looked back!

Another step on this path of doing things that felt good had to do with surrounding myself and my family in an environment that was full of nature, beauty and was oh-so peaceful. It's no wonder that we chose to move to Evergreen last summer. Fortunately, as soon as we moved I reached out to many of the local elementary schools and was welcomed to bring my after-school enrichment yoga program to the Evergreen Community.

As we are gearing up to start up the winter session of kids yoga, I have written an acrostic poem about why, if they haven't yet, it's time for your kids to try out kids yoga in Evergreen.

Every child is welcome! Kids yoga is beneficial for boys and girls, kindergarten through sixth grade, athletic or awkward, bendy or stiff.

Vitality will be gained. Kids yoga brings positive body awareness and a feeling of being more alive to those who practice it.

Energy is able to flow, man! Using our prana or "life force" while we practice different postures allows stagnant energy to flow freely, which means our bodies feel better!

Relaxation is always a part of class. At the end of each class, children surprise even themselves with how still and relaxed they can be - and love it!

Games make class extra fun! After learning new yoga postures, we play all sorts of games incorporating the postures. A fun way to use our new knowledge!

Realistic expectations are a part of class. After a long day of sitting and learning, the last thing kids need is another hour of being told to do this or that. In kids yoga, we get to move, play games and relax, but if kids need a break and time to themselves, they can go to the tune-in time station to try out one of the 5 yogic activities for a few minutes to help them recharge.

Enjoyable activities are what kids find at Ascend Health Kids Yoga. Did I mention we play all sorts of yoga games?! After many years of teaching yoga to kids, I have found there are definitely some activities that truly engage the children more than others - so those are the ones we do the most!

Exercise for an hour is so much more beneficial than time spent on an iPad or Kindle or playing video games.
If you've found limiting screen time to be a battle, consider giving your child an affordable option and a way to feel more connected, rather than zoned out from too much electronics.

No reason to not try! Scholarships are available upon request, and you are welcome to try out just one or two classes, or sign your kids up for classes every other week if there is another activity occurring on the same day. I'm flexible!

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