CorePower Yoga and the Best Yoga Studios in Denver 2015

CorePower Yoga and the Best Yoga Studios in Denver 2015

My husband built this website and he has been been trying to optimize it for search engines with keywords relevant to my business. Today, he went to Google trends and typed in yoga denver to see what would come up. He was shocked to see that after entering "yoga denver", most of the top search terms have to do with CorePower Yoga.

He told me about his discovery and I was also surprised that with such a rich variety of independent studios in Denver, the market is still dominated by one brand.

Let me make it clear - I'm not opposed to CorePower. I started my yoga journey at CorePower Yoga, as you can see by looking at my resume. CorePower offers a great service to the yoga community in Denver. When I first got into yoga, I was  a political fundraiser and was very leery of yoga and yogis. CorePower's yoga sculpt classes were initially attractive to me only for fitness purposes, but within months, my whole life, my opinions, and mostly my spiritual life started to shift. CorePower has introduced a vast audience to yoga that might not be exposed to it otherwise.

That said, there are also many other, locally owned and operated yoga studios that have a lot to offer. Below are a few that I highly recommend. This list is not ranked in any particular order and is just based on my own opinion after many years of practicing and teaching yoga in Denver.

The River Power Vinyasa Yoga

The River is the ultimate urban independent studio. Located in the Golden Triangle, in the center of Denver, it is a peaceful oasis for any city-dwelling yogi. Aesthetically, it is the most calming and beautiful studio I've ever experienced. The style of yoga taught is Power Vinyasa, meaning you'll get a good workout, and the studio is hot and humid - great for a good detox! The teachers are fun, hip and have a unique bond with each other that accentuates a sense of community which is welcoming to all practitioners. If you are looking for a studio that offers not only great yoga, but also a huge family to love on you, check out The River.

One Yoga Denver

Located in the Denver Tech Center, One Yoga is definitely a great studio to check out, no matter where in you live in Denver. One Yoga has high caliber, experienced teachers that have been brought together to teach. They offer all of my favorite styles of yoga - power, hatha, kundalini and restorative. They also have a really cool option for anyone to come to a single workshop class that is a part of their teacher training. Last Spring, I was able to attend a very informative class about Ayurveda. Having already learned a bit about Ayurveda in previous trainings, I was so happy to learn more without signing up for an entire training program.

Kindness Yoga

Kindness Yoga is the largest yoga business in Denver, besides CorePower, with 4 (soon to be 5) yoga studios around Denver. One of the greatest features of Kindness is that they offer an abundance of classes to fit around a busy schedule. If you miss one class on the schedule you don't have to worry. You'll find another class 20 minutes later at another one of their locations. Kindness offers donation-based yoga classes. While I don't encourage anyone to take advantage of their kindness in offering classes this way, it is nice to know that whether you've got $100 or $5 to spend on yoga every month, you can still find a home for top notch yoga.

Belly Bliss (For Moms)

The final studio I recommend is Belly Bliss. When I was about 8 or 9 weeks pregnant, I started to become super sensitive to heated studios. I found that my regular practice was not what my body and my growing baby needed so I looked for a new yoga home. Belly Bliss was perfect with teachers who are well-trained in prenatal and postnatal yoga. If the the room gets too hot they are quick to cool it down. The classes aren't too easy, either - which is ideal for pregnant mamas looking to stay fit or for those, like me, with an already established practice.

Now that I've shared some of my favorites, I think it's worth taking a look at the top five yoga studios according to the Denver A-list Best Yoga Studios 2014. This list is a reflection of the opinions of seasoned local yogis.

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So what do you think? What locally owned studios do you suggest and why?

Speak your mind!