8 Reasons to Drop Your Kiddo(s) Off at Yoga

8 Reasons to Drop Your Kiddo(s) Off at Yoga

In case you need them, I have made a list of the many benefits to kids yoga.

#8 Exercise! - Kids Yoga is an awesome opportunity for your little ones to begin learning the importance and benefits of regular exercise. Learning yoga from a young age is not only great for your kiddos NOW but since yoga requires nothing more than your mat, well, your body, it is a unique form of exercise that will benefit your children for LIFE!

#7 Affordable Childcare – Drop-off yoga is one of the cheaper things your kiddos can do while you take the hour to do whatever you’d like - take a class yourself, go grocery shopping, get a pedi or a massage, meet a friend for coffee, or heck go sit in the car and enjoy some time to yourself. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll know that your kids are safe and being cared for!

#6 Therapeutic – We all want emotionally intelligent children, right? Did you know that kid’s yoga is a place where children are encouraged to express their emotions? Whether it’s at the beginning of class when we introduce ourselves, say how we are feeling that day and tell about a favorite something, or at the end of class when kiddos have the opportunity to say what part of class they liked the most, your kiddos will be encouraged to comfortably share their feelings.

#5 Cross Brain Exercises – Did you know that doing yoga poses that cross the imaginary midline of our bodies actually help our brain work better? That’s right! Anytime we do poses like eagle or twists our left and right brain hemispheres are better able to communicate. So, bringing your kiddos to yoga may actually make them smarter!

#4 Socialize – Another great reason for dropping your kiddos of at yoga is that they will get to interact with other children and the yoga instructor in a safe environment. Yoga is such a great place for kids to come with friends or make new friends!

#3 Creative – Whether it’s through sharing fun ways to move our bodies, using different voices while saying our warrior affirmations, or coming up with new names for yoga poses – your child will have plenty of opportunity to explore their own creativity. Additionally, we often have a craft, story, or even a little free time to draw or color at the beginning or end of class.

#2 Relaxing – For many kids taking a short break from the busyness of their lives is so needed. The last 8-15 minutes of class are dedicated to just that – Savasana! Your kiddos will be guided in finding relaxation in their bodies. Once they’ve experienced it, most kids crave this part of the yoga class!

#1 Fun! – Unlike adult yoga, in kid’s yoga we sing songs, play games and make the yoga poses into silly animals, plants, cars or even superheroes! While kids yoga still incorporates important aspects of yoga, like the poses, breath work, and even some meditation, it is all done is a kid-friendly and FUN way!

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