Ascend Health & Wellness is a collection of yoga practices for adults and children promoting a positive and healthy lifestyle. We offer a wide range of studio classes, school programs, day and week camps, as well as, corporate events in Evergreen and the Denver metro area. Our specialty is combining fun and play with traditional yogic practices for students of all ages and backgrounds.

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Kids Yoga After-school Enrichment Classes & NEW Tween Yoga Class!

New Toddler and Me Class!

Kids Yoga

The combination of animated poses and basic yoga exercises promote flexibility, strength, body awareness and coordination. Breathing and visualization techniques help kids feel more relaxed and focused.

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Power Yoga

Power Yoga is also referred to as flow yoga, because the poses flow together like a dance. Teachers guide students from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale which makes the breath instrumental to the practice.

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Toddler & Me Yoga

Toddler and Me Yoga is designed for the busy toddler to learn body awareness while stretching and playing with caregivers. The class is divided in half with the first 30 minutes for toddler yoga, and the second 30 minutes for a power yoga flow for the caregiver while toys are brought out for the toddlers. 

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Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is based on a scientific evidence that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter. One gets the same benefits of improved mental and physical health. 

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Rainey Oliver, Owner


Rainey OliverRainey immediately fell in love with yoga the very first time she came to her mat. After nine months of practicing, she decided to become a yoga teacher and eagerly enrolled in a 200-hour teacher training at CorePower Yoga, with the idea that she could learn more to eventually teach kids yoga. Soon after, she completed the Yoga for Young Warriors teacher training in early 2012 and has happily been teaching the benefits of the postures and breathing to kids in school groups, yoga camps, and studio classes. A former second grade teacher, she stepped away to focus on teaching children and adults to honor joyful and childlike behavior in order to reduce stress, prolong good health, and spread peace. more info>>

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